Boardman to Hemingway – Preliminary Application

01_Exhibit A_Applicant Information
02_Exhibit B_Project Description_MainText
02a_Exhibit B_Project Description_Attachment B-1
02b_Exhibit B_Project Description_Attachment B-2 and B-3
03_Exhibit C_Project Location
03a_Attachment C-2_Segment Locations_Maps 1-99
03b_Attachment C-2_Segment Locations_Maps 100-209
04_Exhibit D_Organization
05_Exhibit E_Permits
06_Exhibit F_Property Owners
07_Exhibit G_Materials
08_Exhibit H_Geological Hazards and Soil Stability
08a_Attachment H-1 Main
08b_Attachment H-1_Appendix A
08c_Attachment H-1_Appendix B
08d_Attachment H-1_Appendices C and D
08e_Attachment H-1_Appendix E
08f_Attachment H-2_Letter to DOGAMI
09_Exhibit I_Soil
10_Exhibit J_Waters of the State_Main
10a_Attachment J-1_Figures J-1A to J-1C
10b_Attachment J-1_Figure J-1D
10c_Attachment J-1_Figure J-1E
10d_Attachment J-2_Wetland Characteristics and Impacts
10e_Attachment J-3_ JPA Form and Blocks 1 and 2
10f_Attachment J-3_JPA Blocks 2 through 5
10g_Attachment J-3_JPA Block 5, Attachment R
10h_Attachment J-3_JPA Attachment R, Appendix B pt 1
10i_Attachment J-3_JPA Attachment R, Appendix B pt 2
10j_Attachment J-3_JPA Attachment R, Appendix B pt 3
10k_Attachment J-3_JPA Attachment R, Appendix B pt 4
10l_Attachment J-3_JPA Attachment R, Appendix B pt 5
10m_Attachment J-3_JPA Attachment R, Appendix B pt 6
10n_Attachment J-3_JPA Attachment R, Appendix B pt 7
10o_Attachment J-3_JPA Attachment R, Appendix C-E_ Blocks 6-9
11_Exhibit K_Land Use
12_Exhibit L_Protected Areas
13_Exhibit M_Financial Capability
14_Exhibit N_Need
14a_Attachment N-1_2009 IRP
14b_Attachment N-1_Appendix A
14c_Attachment N-1_Appendix B
14d_Attachment N-1_Appendix C
14e_Attachment N-2_2011 IRP
14f_Attachment N-2_Appendix A
14g_Attachment N-2_Appendix B
14h_Attachment N-2_Appendix C
14i_Attachments N-3 to N-5
15_Exhibit O_Water Use
16_Exhibit P_Vegetation_main to Attachment P-7
16a_Attachment P-8A
16b_Attachment P-8B
16c_Attachment P-8C
16d_Attachment P-8D
16e_Attachment P-8E
16f_Attachment P-8F_2011 Report
16g_Attachment P-8F_2012 Report Main Text
16h_Attachment P-8F_2012 Report Appendix A-D
16i_Attachment P-8F_2012 Report Appendix E
16j_Attachment P-8F_2012 Report Appendix F-H
16k_Attachment P-8F_2012 Report Appendix I-J
16l_Attachment P-8F_2012 Report Appendix K
16m_Attachment P-8F_2012 Report Appendix L part 1
16n_Attachment P-8F_2012 Report Appendix L part 2
16o_Attachment P-8G
16p_Attachment P-9
16q_Attachment P-10
17_Exhibit Q_TES_Plant_Animal
18_Exhibit R_Scenic Resources
19_Exhibit S_Cultural
20_Exhibit T_Recreation
21_Exhibit U_PublicServices
22_Exhibit V_Waste
23_Exhibit W_Retirement
24_Exhibit X_Noise
25_Exhibit AA_EMF
26_Exhibit BB_Other Info
27_Exhibit CC_Other Legal
28_Exhibit DD_Electrical_Effect