The Administrative Services department is charged with the responsibility of Accounting, Payroll, Personnel Services, Human Resources, Data Processing and Administrative Support for the Board of Commissioners.
Shelley Burgess is the Administrative Officer for Union County. The County Administrative Officer (CAO) assists the Board of Commissioners in providing overall policy direction to county programs. The CAO also works cooperatively with department directors to ensure quality service delivery and conservative fiscal management for all County programs.

In addition, the CAO is in charge of:


The Union County Accounting Department’s mission is to provide timely and accurate financial services for county programs. Under direction of the Accounting Manager, the department is charged with processing accounts payable according to local budget and accounting procedures and preparing payroll in accordance with union contracts and payroll rules and regulations. In addition to these vital functions, the Accounting Department provides detailed monthly and annual financial reports; tracks fixed assets of the county and furnishes accounting support and information to other county departments.


The Union County Computer Services Department provides all county departments with core technology services. Information Services maintains and improves the quality of computers, software and related infrastructure to help departments perform their functions as efficiently as possible.

Our goals:

Union County Administrative Services
Shelley Burgess, Cari Huffman, Jason Fouts
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