Planning Department

Planning Director: Scott Hartell
Assistant Planner: Lorcinda Johnston
Senior Office Specialist: Pam Hall

Monday through Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed for Lunch: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Driving Directions to Planning Department
1001 Fourth Street, Suite C
La Grande, OR 97850
Phone: 541-963-1014 Fax: 541-963-1039

Planning Commission Meeting Schedule
Upper Grande Ronde River Watershed Partnership

Available Documents
Planning Application
Rural Fire Protection District Annexation LANDOWNER PACKET
Farm Agriculture Equine Exemption Certification  (Ag Exempt)
Floodplain Area Development Permit Application
Baum Industrial Park Development, Performance and Maintenance Standards
La Grande/Union County Airport Light Industrial Park Development, Performance and Maintenance Standards

Union County Zoning, Partition, and Subdivision Ordinance
Table of Contents 11-5-2015
ARTICLE 1.00 Introductory Provisions and Definitions
ARTICLE 2.00 A-1 Exclusive Farm Use Zone
ARTICLE 3.00 A-2 Agriculture-Grazing Zone
ARTICLE 4.00 A-3 Agriculture Forest Use Zone
ARTICLE 5.00 A-4 Timber-Grazing Zone
ARTICLE 6.00 R-1 Rural Center Zone
ARTICLE 7.00 R-2 Rural Residential Use Zone
ARTICLE 8.00 R-3 Farm Residential Zone
ARTICLE 9.00 R-4 Forest Residential Zone
ARTICLE 10.00 C-1 Commercial Zone
ARTICLE 11.00 C-2 Commercial Interchange Zone
ARTICLE 12.00 I-1 Light Industrial Use Zone
ARTICLE 13.00 I-2 Heavy Industrial Use Zone
ARTICLE 14.00 (PA) LaGrande Public Airport Zone
ARTICLE 15.00 (SM) Surface Mining Zone
ARTICLE 16.00 Airport Overlay Zone
ARTICLE 17.00 Flood Plain Overlay Zone
ARTICLE 18.00 LaGrande & Island City Urban Growth Area Overlay Zone
ARTICLE 19.00 Elgin & North Powder Urban Growth Overlay Zones
ARTICLE 20.00 Supplementary Provisions
ARTICLE 21.00 Conditional Uses
ARTICLE 22.00 Non Conforming Uses and Structures
ARTICLE 23.00 Land Use Regulations & Land Use Plan Amendments
ARTICLE 24.00 Application Review Procedures
ARTICLE 25.00 Land Division Regulations
ARTICLE 30.00 Variance
ARTICLE 31.00 Performance Agreement
ARTICLE 32.00 Review of Prior Approved Subdivisions
ARTICLE 33.00 Fee Schedule
ARTICLE 34.00 Appeals
ARTICLE 35.00 Interpretation of Ordinance Provisions
ARTICLE 36.00 Severability Clause
ARTICLE 37.00 Penalty & Enforcement
ARTICLE 38.00 Repealing Ordinance
ARTICLE 39.00 Remedies
ARTICLE 40.00 Surface Mining Impact Area Overlay Zone
ARTICLE 50.00 Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) Overlay Zone
ARTICLE 51.00 Medical Springs-Pondosa Rural Cluster Development Zone
ARTICLE 52.00 Commercial Wind Power Generation Faciity Siting Requirements