The Union County District Attorney’s Family Support Division represents the interests of the State of Oregon. We do not represent either party. For legal advice please contact your private attorney. We can provide assistance in completing the necessary forms to open a case . If you live in Union County and need assistance, please contact our office by phone at 541-963-1028 or by fax at 541-963-1080. You can also reach us by email at Link to State site: Child Support in Oregon Disclaimer

Who Is Eligible for Our Services? Any person who lives in Union County or whose obligated parent lives in Union County AND Any person who has physical custody of a dependent child AND Any person who is not on public assistance, medical assistance, Oregon Health Plan or who does not have a state debt is generally eligible for services from our office. If you have a question about your specific situation, please contact us.

How to Apply for Support Services Download the application from Oregon Department of Justice. You should print it out, read the Information Page carefully, fill in the required information and send it to the Salem address on the form or return it to this office. If you can’t read the form, or don’t want to print it out, call us at 541-963-1028 to leave a message with your name and address, and we will send you a copy by mail.

Services We Cannot Provide You may need to contact a private attorney for assistance with the following:
  • Custody or Visitation Assistance
  • Collection of unpaid or unreimbursed medical bills
  • Property settlements

How You Can Assist Us in Collecting Support Payments
  • Provide the FSD with all the information you have about either parent ;
  • Keep the FSD advised of any legal proceedings or orders that are taken on your case through your private attorney or pro se;
  • Notify the FSD of any change of address or employment of either parent;
  • Advise the FSD if your child becomes self-supporting, joins the military, marries, changes custody, is adopted, or dies;
  • Contact the FSD if payments are made directly to you instead of through the Child Support Accounting Unit.

How Long Will The Process Take The more information you provide to the FSD’s Office, the sooner you can expect results. Our efforts may take longer and may not be as successful if the non-custodial parent:
  • has moved to an unknown address or location;
  • frequently moves from job to job ;
  • works for cash pay instead of reported earnings;
  • is self-employed;
  • is on public assistance, food stamps, disability or other benefit programs;
  • or is incarcerated.
Our office cannot guarantee that you will receive regular and timely support payments; however, we will make all reasonable efforts to assist you. Note: When you apply for support services from the District Attorney’s Family Support Division, the noncustodial parent will be advised to stop making payments directly to you, and instead, make payments to the Child Support Accounting Unit. This may delay your support payments somewhat due to accounting and mail time.

Support Services Provided by the District Attorney’s Office, Family Support Division

If you need information about Domestic Violence please see our page on Victims’ Assistance.

Establish Paternity
The parents of a child born out of wedlock may sign a voluntary acknowledgment form that establishes paternity when signed in a health care facility within seven days of the child’s birth. The parents may also sign a sworn affidavit of paternity at any time. If a parent does not sign a form establishing paternity, FSD can assist in the establishment of paternity and a support order.

Establish a Support Order
A parent or custodian may come to our office to obtain a child support order to require the parent(s) to support a child.

Modify a Support Order
Any party may request a review of their support order amount either (1) three years after the effective date of their last order or (2) based upon a substantial change of circumstances.

Collect Support
After you obtain a support order, the FSD will try to collect support in various ways:

  • By withholding of wages or other benefits such as unemployment, worker’s compensation or retirement;
  • By automatically intercepting any state or federal tax refunds of the non-supporting parent if there is past due support;
  • By having driver’s and occupational licenses suspended if certain criteria are met;
  • By scheduling examinations of the non-supporting parent as well as contempt of court or criminal non-support proceedings for failing to obey a support order.

Other States
When the obligated parent lives in another state, our office will forward a request to the other state to collect support. The FSD must rely on the other state to handle the case. The FSD also accepts requests from other states or the custodial parent in another state to collect support from a parent who lives in Oregon.

Establish and Enforce a Requirement to Obtain Health Insurance Orders
Oregon law requires orders to include a medical support clause. A medical support clause must require that one or both parents provide health care coverage for a child that is appropriate and available at the time the order is entered.

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