How to Apply for a Passport

Marriage & Passports by appointment only

To apply for a passport, one must have the following items ready:

A valid government issued ID (i.e. a Valid Driver’s License)


A State certified birth certificate with parents listed on it (Hospital records are not acceptable as ID)


Naturalization papers


Two passport photos, which can be acquired locally, contact the Union County Clerk’s Office (541-963-1006) for information on which local  businesses provide passport photos.

More information can be found on the Department of State website.

Passport fee payments are payable by check, or money order only made out to: Department of State. You will need seperate checks to each applicaiton. If submintting several applicaitons at one time (i.e. group or family), it is acceptable to combine the total of all of Union County’s portion of the processing fees into one check. Each application must have a separate check or money order for the portion going to the Department of State. 
Contact Union County Clerks Office (541) 963-1006 for fee’s.

Requirements for filling out the forms are as follows:

  • No mistakes, if you do make a mistake you need a new form.
  • Use only black ink.
  • Fill in all numbered areas. Some questions may appear repetitive.
  • If you do not have a departure date, write in “UNKNOWN”
  • Do not sign the application until requested by Clerk’s Office Staff.


Passport Renewal:


Union County Clerk’s Office is a Passport Acceptance Facility. We can help you put your documents together prior to sending them, but we do not mail them for you.

Each application, as stated above, must have a separate check for the fee with checks made payable to the Department of State.

Children under the age of 15 cannot do a renewal, the first passport received after the age of 16 will be eligible for renewal.