Union County contains 2,038 square miles which are home to several communities. There are 650 miles of county road with 89 bridges linking these communities.

The Road Department’s goal is to ensure that the traveling public has a safe and efficient roadway system. The maintenance duties include, but are not limited to, asphalt and gravel road maintenance, snow removal, bridge maintenance and general right-of-way maintenance.

Attention Ag Irrigators
ORS 368.256 – Creation of road hazard prohibited
  1. Except as authorized by the county governing body, an owner or lawful occupant of land shall not allow:
    1. Any water to overflow, seep or otherwise discharge from that land onto a public road under county jurisdiction including, but not limited to, water that is passing over the land, diverted from the land by an obstruction on the land, flowing from the land because of rainfall or discharged from an irrigation sprinkler or other device.

Union County Public Works

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