June 4, 2020
Union County Receives Approval for Phase 2

Union County received approval today from Governor Kate Brown to proceed to Phase 2 of Reopening. This will go into effect on Friday, June 5. The letter may be read in entirety here Union County Phase 2 Letter of Approval

Key items for Phase 2 include:
  • Water fountains will be closed, except those designed to refill water bottles in a contact-free manner;
  • Restaurants and bars can remain open until 12:00 a.m.;
  • Self-service operations, including buffets, salad bars, and soda machines are not allowed;
  • Gatherings may have a maximum of 50 people present indoors, or a maximum of 100 people outdoors allowing for physical distancing and depending on area size;
  • Gatherings at venues can have a maximum of 250 people based on facility capacity and square footage;
  • Recreational sports practices, trainings and play for specified sports will be allowed. The specified sports have not yet been provided by the State; however the guidance states that sports involving participants coming into bodily contact are prohibited at this time.


Sector guidance is available online for viewing at www.union-county.org. If a printed version is preferred, guidance is available at the County Administrative Office located at 1106 K Avenue in La Grande during business hours.
Phase 2 Sector guidance includes:
  • Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment Facilities
  • Recreational Sports
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Swimming Pools, Spas and Sports Courts
  • Gatherings/General Guidance
  • Venues and Event Operators


The Governor has stated that Phase 2 is the last full phase until there is a widely available treatment or a vaccine for COVID-19. There may be additional changes and guidance issued by the Governor as Phase 2 progresses.

Phase 2 Sector Guidance:

Phase 2 Sector Guidance – Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment Facilities

Phase 2 Sector Guidance – Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, Tasting Rooms, Distilleries

Phase 2 Sector Guidance – Licensed Swimming Pools, Licensed Spa Pools and Sports Courts

Phase 2 Recreational Sports

Phase 2 Sector Guidance – Recreational Sports

Phase 2 Sector Guidance – Gatherings

Phase 2 Sector Guidance – Venue and Event Operators