Union County Receives Approval for Phase 1 Reopening, May 15

Union County has received approval from Governor Kate Brown to begin Phase 1 of the reopening process effective May 15, 2020.  Phase 1 does not allow for a full reopening of all businesses, and there are very specific safety guidelines that must be followed.  Phase 1 guidance for all applicable sectors can be viewed in entirety at https://govstatus.egov.com.

The following is a listing of updated sector specific guidance made available on May 14.

Guidance on Face Coverings

Guidance for the Public

Outdoor Recreation

Employers Guidance

Retail Stores Guidance

Childcare Guidance

Personal Services

Restaurants & Bars Guidance

Shopping Centers and Malls Guidance

Guidance for Gyms and Fitness Centers

School Aged Summertime Day Camps Guidance

Even if a business is approved for Phase 1 opening and are able to meet all items addressed in the sector guidance, they are not required to open until they are prepared to do so.

Counties must remain in Phase 1 for at least 21 days before becoming eligible to advance to Phase 2.  If the County begins to see significant increases in COVID-19 cases or community spread, the Oregon Health Authority will work with local public health officials to evaluate what actions should be taken.  Significant growth in COVID-19 spread could necessitate the county moving back from Phase 1 to a stay-home status.  Details of Phase 2 and Phase 3 have not yet been released.

It will be very important for the county to remain vigilant and continue to practice good hygiene.  Actions such as frequent handwashing, staying home if you are sick, covering coughs and sneezes with your elbow or a tissue, and avoid touching your face will be important.  If you are at high risk of severe complications such as those over age 60 or have underlying medical conditions, you may want to consider continuing to stay home and maintaining strict physical distancing even though the County is allowed to enter Phase 1.  Each individual will need to continue to evaluate their risk factors and their risk tolerance as we move through the phased reopening.