Reopening Guidance Provided by Oregon Health Authority


As part of the reopening plan released today in a press conference held by Governor Kate Brown, the following guidance has been provided by Oregon Health Authority. Union County has not yet received approval for reopening from the Governor’s office. The reopening plan is not allowed to be submitted until tomorrow, May 8. Union County submitted a plan last week, but will be resubmitting a plan tomorrow addressing the new criteria that was announced today.  Plan review will begin tomorrow May 8, 2020 for a potential reopening date of May 15, 2020.

The Union County Reopening Plan was submitted on May 8, 2020 per the Governor’s direction.  The plan may be viewed in entirety here:  Union County Reopening Plan Submitted May 8, 2020

Three Health Signs We Must See to Reopen Oregon

Reopening Oregon – Details on Restarting Public Life and Business

Prerequisites for Phased Reopening of Oregon

Phase One Reopening General Guidance for:


Sector Guidance:



May 7, 2020