MAY 17, 2016

The Primary Election is a party nominating election for the major parties. The Independent Party of Oregon has opened their Primary Election to non-affiliated voters. If you are registered as a non-affiliated voter, you should have received a card asking if you would like to receive an Independent Party ballot. Those cards must be returned to the Union County Clerk’s Office prior to 5pm on April 26 to ensure that you will receive that ballot.

US Citizens who are not currently registered to vote in Oregon and who want to receive a ballot for the Primary Election must register no later than April 26, 2016. Just remember, if you do not choose one of the major parties (Democrat, Independent or Republican) you will not receive a ballot to vote on any state & federal primary races, including President. Non-affiliated voters will receive a ballot with all State Judges and all local races and measures.

Local ballots will be mailed on Wednesday, April 27.

Please contact the Union County Clerk’s Office if you have questions or concerns.