MERA Forest Management Operations

The Union County MERA Department is in the planning process to treat approximately 550 acres on the Mount Emily Recreation Area (MERA), Union County, Oregon as identified in the MERA Forest Management The harvest is predominantly a sanitation/salvage harvest to help reduce the amount of mortality and fuels build-up taking place in the stand. Thinning for stand health is also a consideration. This silvicultural treatment will also encourage regeneration of ponderosa pine, western larch and Douglas-fir on the site. Mistletoed trees, root rot pockets and trees harboring bark beetles are the primary trees being removed although there will be some thinning to keep the stands being treated growing at a healthy rate.

The MERA Advisory Committee will discuss the forest operations at their meeting on October 14, 2015 7pm at 1106 K avenue, Joseph Building Annex, Large conference room. The public is invited to attend and participate during public comment periods.