March 5, 2015

Greetings MERA patrons,
I hope you have been enjoying the early spring this year. As you may know there has been significant trail development over the past two seasons. About 17 miles of new trails have been developed.

These new trails are especially sensitive during moist conditions and will take a season or two to set up. In the meantime we ask that you pay special attention to the condition of the trail system.

If you have mud sticking to your tires, hooves, or shoes then you should not be on the trail. If you are leaving tracks that sink into the trail and leave a depression or tires are leaving a rut, you should not be on the trail.

Conditions vary daily and we ask that “you” make the right decision as to the impact you are making. The alternative to traveling muddy trails is to travel on the road system, 600-699 numbered trails, can generally withstand traffic in poor conditions.

We are counting on you and each other to make a good judgment decision. The alternative will be to close the trails until conditions are improved. Thank you and enjoy responsibly!