Union County Remains in Extreme Risk Category

The two-week freeze established by Governor Kate Brown was extended in accordance with the Governor and Oregon Health Authority’s new matrix.  Under the new matrix Union County will remain in the “Extreme Risk” category.  Some of the restrictions with the Extreme Risk category include outdoor visitations only to long term care facilities; outdoor dining at restaurants and bars with a maximum of six guests per table from 1 or 2 households; limited capacity at grocery and retail stores; limited social gatherings in the home; and a limited capacity for faith institutions. The state will reevaluate each county every two weeks to determine risk level and update if conditions warrant a change.


Union County continues to have an increase in positive COVID-19 tests with almost 250 cases reported in the last three weeks. Unfortunately, there have also been six COVID-related deaths reported during that time frame. The Center for Human Development, Union County Public Health is reporting that many individuals who have tested positive within the county are unsure how or where they became infected indicating significant community spread.  Citizens are advised to continue taking protective precautions to reduce the spread of the virus.


The local increase in COVID activity has prompted the Union County Incident Management Team (IMT) to stand up again to aid in county response. Through utilization of established partnerships, the IMT has been staffed and developed to further assist the citizens of Union County.  Facilitating coordination and communication among the emergency responders, and partner agencies will be a priority in providing a coordinated response to the community.


Union County citizens may participate in free COVID-19 testing clinics on Monday, December 7, 14, and 21 at the Center for Human Development in La Grande.  Registration and appointments are required and can be obtained at www.doineedacovid19test.com. The test consists of a pain-free self-administered nasal swab.


Additional updates will be provided as information is available.



Posted 12/3/2020